Learning computer skills can be easy…

Learn new computer skills at your pace, in a way that you can understand. Personal instruction with CDA Computer Training starts and stops with you. Didn’t quite get something, back up and ask questions until it makes sense to you. Not sure you understand the instructions? Drop the instructor a note and we’ll try to clarify the issue for you.

CDA Computer Training offers four kinds of training:

  • Ask the Trainer: A simple way that you can offer staff a “go to” person for technical help related to Microsoft and Adobe software. You’ll get a report of who used the service, what topics were worked on and when the training happened. Ultimate control with flexible offerings. Consider it “on the spot” training.
  • 1-Hour Classes: Fast-paced presentations that dig down on one topic and offer new ways to solve problems and tackle issues like Best Practices, How To, and Follow Up with homework. Attendees are encouraged to participate with questions. Virtual presentation only.
  • 2-Hour Classes: If the webinars are too fast-paced, you can find the same topics in longer instructor led online classes. Based around the same ideas as in the webinars, these online classes have smaller class sizes and allow students to try their hand at the method while online with the instructor. Virtual presentation only.
  • 4-Hour Classes: The original format all of this material was designed for, the 4-hour class gives attendees a thorough learning structure with multiple opportunities to share their work with the instructor and ask questions. Students are encouraged to bring in their real world documents for reference. In-person or virtual presentation.

Whether you want to schedule a personalized tutorial on one topic, or prepare yourself for certification exams, CDA Computer Training can help you.