Ask the Trainer

 A simple way that you can offer staff a “go to” person for technical help related to Microsoft and Adobe software. You’ll get a report of who used the service, what topics were worked on and when the training happened. Ultimate control with flexible offerings. Consider it “on the spot” training.

Ask the Trainer presents customized problem solving and real world training

Step 1: Employee Identifies a Training Need

When someone finds a particular topic that they need instruction about, they can schedule a session with the trainer.

Employee sends online meeting request to instructor. Meetings are scheduled in 15-minute segments with 8-minute rounding.

Step 2: Topic-based Training Drills-down to Employee Needs

Employee doesn’t have to sit through material they already know to get to the information they need.

Employee learns how to solve the problem using their own document. Most valuable way of learning.

Step 3: Training Administration Offloaded to Instructor

Pre-set guidelines protect the organization and allow instructor to administer program.

A “class” is billed when fifteen 15-minute segments have been completed, and a record of times, dates, personnel and topics taught is provided.