ACR 202: Navigating PDFs and Collaboration in Acrobat Pro

If you get lucky, your PDF will automagically come with built-in navigation. Unfortunately, no one is lucky all of the time. Master the skills of giving users the ability to navigate through any PDF document. 

Sharing and protecting PDFs are the two most common questions that come up after how to edit a PDF. You’ll also learn about the the world of different kinds of PDFs you can create.

  • Adding & Removing Watermarks
  • Navigation Links
  • Adding & Editing Links
  • Creating Destinations and Linking to Them
  • Creating Buttons
  • Adding a Button with an Action
  • Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Panel
  • Editing Bookmarks
  • Changing Bookmark Hierarchy
  • Web Links
  • Sharing PDFs
  • Working on a PDF Shared with You
  • Turn Off Sharing on a Document
  • Using Comments
  • Adding Comments to a PDF
  • Creating a Comment Summary
  • Comparing Two PDFs
  • Creating a PDF/A
  • Save As to a Smaller Size
  • Reader Extended PDF
  • Save As to Reader Extended
  • Password Protected PDFs
  • Restrict Printing, Editing and Copying