KFX 401: PDF Creation and Editing with Kofax Power PDF Advanced

PDFs are everywhere and yet most people don’t know what they are or how they work. Learn about the three kinds of PDFs, Adobe’s Cloud and all of the different methods you can use to create a PDF.

Static PDFs are so 1997! Learn how to Edit PDFs and create specialty PDFs. Redacting content and organizing the pages are how professional PDF packages are put together.

If you get lucky, your PDF will automagically come with built-in navigation. Unfortunately, no one is lucky all of the time. Master the skills of giving users the ability to navigate through any PDF document. 

Sharing and protecting PDFs are the two most common questions that come up after how to edit a PDF. You’ll also learn about the the world of different kinds of PDFs you can create.

  • What is a PDF?
  • Authoring Documents
  • Software
  • Opening a PDF in Kofax Power PDF Advanced
  • Setting the Default App for PDFs
  • Three Types of PDFs
  • Kofax Add In for Office
  • Save As to PDF
  • Print to PDF
  • Create a PDF Starting in Kofax Power PDF Advanced
  • Create a PDF from a Website
  • Create Email Portfolios
  • Create Portfolios
  • Editing Content in Published PDFs
  • Performing Extensive Edits in Word
  • Redacting Content the Right Way
  • Organizing Pages
  • Headers, Footers & Page Numbering
  • Watermarks
  • Navigation Links
  • Creating Buttons
  • Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Panel
  • Web Links
  • Sharing PDFs
  • Using Comments
  • Comparing Two PDFs
  • PDF/A
  • Password Protected PDFs