EXL 1600 Practice Files

EXL 1600 Practice Files


Enter the password and then click on the Download button. The password was supplied to you by the training organizer when you were enrolled in the class. Please do not contact CDA Computer Training for the password. You must contact the person in your organization who organized the training. A file named Excel-Class-1601-Practice-Files-Archive.zip will be downloaded to your computer after you enter the correct password and click on Download.

To prepare for class, please right-click the downloaded file and choose Extract All from the drop down menu. You can choose where to extract the files to in the resulting dialog box. DO NOT double-click the zip archive to open it if you are using Windows.

Inside the extracted archive is a folder of practice files. For the best experience in class, please open all practice files before you join the online class. For more information about downloading and extracting zip archives, as well as a quick Tech Check for online training, please see Tech Check for Online Training.

Size: 15.4 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: October 30, 2023