ADA 108: Working with Longer Documents

We’ll put together all of the rules you’ve learned about accessible documents in this session where you’ll take one long document and make it accessible. You’ll understand the workflow better and be able to remediate any document.

  • Preliminary Checks in Acrobat Pro
  • Step 01. File Name Must Be Clear
  • Step 02. Run Preliminary Accessibility Check
  • Step 03. Check the Document Title
  • Step 04. Check the Alternate Text on all Images
  • Step 05. Remediate Layout Tables with Tags
  • Step 06. Tables Must be Regular
  • Step 07. Create Document Structure
  • Step 09. Clean up the Tags Panel
  • Step 11. Remediate the Color Contrast Error
  • Step 12: Check the Reading Order
  • Step 13. Save and Attach the Accessibility Report