ADA 201: Introduction to Accessibility In Microsoft Office

Learn what everyone is talking about when they mention accessible documents, and how you can start making your documents accessible as soon as today! You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like for one person to use assistive technology and understand how crucial the work you do for accessibility is to people with disabilities. Get Microsoft Office setup for Accessibility and implement the first four rules of accessibility.

Everyone depends on the ability to skim through a document and find information quickly, no matter their need to use assistive technology. Learn the basics of tables and heding structure in Office, and simultaneously save yourself work in the PDF standard.

  • Accessibility Overview
  • Word Accessible Document Workspace
  • Step 01: File Name Must Be Clear
  • Step 02: Run a Preliminary Accessibility Check
  • Step 03: Set the Document Information
  • Step 04: All Objects Must Have Alt Text
  • Accessible Tables in Office
  • Step 05: Tables Cannot be Used for Layout
  • Step 06: Tables Must be Regular
  • Step 07: Create Document Structure