ADA 202: Removing Common Barriers to Accessibility in Microsoft Office

The majority of the class will be spent working on repetitive content in Office documents. Did you know that one of the biggest barriers to comprehension may be the way you type the document??!! You’ll also get information about multi-media accessibility and learn about other barriers you may be creating unintentionally.

Round out your understanding of creating accessible documents with the tools and techniques to be certain any reader can access your content. This class will also introduce the special information you need to know to create accessible Excel and PowerPoint documents.

  • Step 08: Video and Audio Content
  • Step 09: Repetitive Content in Office
  • Step 10: Documents Must Be Clear and Legible
  • Step 11: Link Text Must Be Clear
  • Step 12: Color Cannot Be Only Means of Conveying Information
  • Step 13: Body Text Colors Must Contrast
  • Step 14: Reading Order Must be Checked
  • Running an Accessibility Check in Office
  • Special Considerations for Excel Files
  • Problems to Consider Before Making the PDF
  • Creating PDFs from Office