Kofax Power PDF Advanced

Almost everyone has encountered PDF files in their life. They are literally everywhere! Most organizations use them to communicate information with publications like newsletters, governments use them to create forms that are accessible by everyone, and you will likely encounter them in everyday usage when you try to download a software manual or respond to a mortgage application.

Kofax Power PDF Advanced, formerly known as Nuance Power PDF Advanced is a great tool for creating, editing and publishing PDFs. PDF is a file extension that stands for Portable Document Format, and you’ll see it appended to the end of file names. It is an Open Standard for file formats, and it is intended to work on any computer. 

The simple idea is that one person can create a document and share it with someone else, even if they don’t have the same software packages, fonts or even type of computer. The recipient can then make comments and send it back.

  1. More about PDFs
  2. Getting Started with Nuance
  3. Creating PDFs from Scratch
  4. Power PDF Properties and Creating PDF/A Files
  5. Email Portfolios, Combining PDFs and PDF Packages
  6. Editing PDF Text and Graphics
  7. Document Assembly and Navigation
  8. Watermarks and Bookmarks
  9. PDF Collaboration Tools
  10. Working with Scanned PDFs