Advanced Document Formatting and Lists

Legal documents are known for being boring and hard to style. Questions like “can we move this section to the front of the document” can destroy list numbering and throw staff into a frenzy of manual formatting. Learn how to let Microsoft Word handle all of the formatting work for you by setting up and using List Styles and creating your own custom styles for reuse in multiple documents.

  1. Deep Dive on Creating Styles
  2. Clear All Formatting
  3. Defining a New List Style
  4. Defining List Numbering
  5. Linking a Level to a Style
  6. Tweaking a Built-In List Style
  7. Fixing Indentation in Heading Styles
  8. Adding Style Separator to the Quick Toolbar
  9. Creating Indented Body Styles
  10. Re-using your Styles in Another Document