Virtual classes quickly became the “new normal” during 2020. My overriding concern before, during and after the storm that was 2020 is making sure that people have the information they need to do their job effectively. Though much of the material is re-used in virtual classes from in-person classes, the techniques and presentation are different as I adapt to the new presentation methods.

Navigation and References

Often the last thing people think of, a professional table of contents and other references are the lifeline that busy readers depend on to navigate your document. If you’ve ever stayed up late going back over a document to build a table of contents or an index, you’ll be glad …Read the full article

Headers & Footers

The bane of many an administrator or author, you’ll find that Headers and Footers are quite simple when you learn their secrets. Change page numbering easily with the secretive section breaks and build professional looking documents with the odd and even page numbering and different first page features. This class …Read the full article

Mail Merge Made Simple

In the beginning we were using mail merge to customize letters to hundreds of people at a time. The advantages of Mail Merge have grown in the interim to where we should probably be calling them data merges. Microsoft has also simplified the mail merge process so that anyone can …Read the full article

Quick Formatting with Styles

That bar of styles in your Ribbon is the least used tool in Microsoft Word, and perhaps the most important. You’ll learn that you can quickly turn boring blobs of text into attractive and legible documents that anyone would be proud of. Click a button and change the appearance of …Read the full article

Professional PowerPoint Skills

We all judge ourselves against our peers, and there’s nothing worse than having to follow a polished presentation when you’re not certain about your own skills. These ten steps will help you stand out from the crowd and become the presenter that everyone else looks up to. Avoiding Death by …Read the full article

The Data Model and DAX Formulas

Microsoft has created a special language to write formulas and measures for PivotTable and Power PivotTable data called DAX. Though remarkably similar to regular Excel formulas, these new functions include filtering in the function and bridging the gap between database languages like SQL and traditional Excel. If you are a …Read the full article