Avoid Manual Formatting with Conditional Formatting

We’ve all seen the worksheet where someone painstakingly color-coded information based on its status, amount, or next steps. But what to do when the next set of data comes in? Why, re-do all that work, of course! But when you learn about Conditional Formatting, you’ll learn that all that work can be done with the quick click of a mouse, and when the conditions change or the data changes, so will the formatting. An easy fix to a time-consuming effort.

  1. A Better way of Formatting
  2. Using Rules to Highlight Cells
  3. Editing Conditional Formatting Rules.
  4. Finding the Top 10 and Other Highlights
  5. Icon Sets
  6. Writing Custom Formatting Rules
  7. The Order of Conditional Formatting Rules
  8. Creating a Toggle Switch for Rules
  9. Finding Unique or Duplicate Values
  10. Creating a Project Task list with Conditional Formatting