Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the meat and potatoes of data analysis. It’s where all of the grunt work gets done in building reports and dashboards, and can be used as either a flat- or 3-D-database. Whether you’re tracking a budget or a list of projects, you want to be fluent in all that Excel has to offer.

Data Design and PivotTables

Many users assume that Microsoft Excel information is already in a Table. It has lines and rows and columns – oh my! Truthfully, the core power of Excel only comes out when you convert that information into Tables and PivotTables. It’s so easy to filter and sort your information that …Read the full article

Creating Accessible Documents

Beginning with the simple explanation of what accessibility means and why it is important, attendees learn to build accessible documents using Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Common stumbling blocks like alt text, repetitive blank characters and document structure will be addressed, and simple PDF documents will be …Read the full article

Macros in Excel

Long thought to be the province of supergeeks, macros will come alive in this exciting class. You will learn how to record macros, be introduced to the Visual Basic programming language, and write simple code statements The Developer tab on the Ribbon Recording Macros Playing back Macros with Keystrokes Adding …Read the full article

Data Analysis in Excel

Now that you’ve got all of that information, what are you going to do with it? Senior managers and entry-level personnel all benefit from taking this class, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Pivot Tables and Charts, as well as how to import data from databases.  Creating Pivot …Read the full article

Visual Communication in Excel

Collecting data and storing it is just one part of the Microsoft Excel toolkit. In fact, all those columns of numbers wouldn’t be worth much if we couldn’t communicate them to other people. This class will explore the impressive array of tools built in to the program that will help …Read the full article

Formulas and Functions in Excel

Formulas and Functions are the meat and potatoes of Microsoft Excel. They are the tools that give the program power to achieve our goals. We’ll review the basics of Formulas and Functions in this class before diving headlong into more advanced Functions. This class also takes a look at special …Read the full article

Behind the Spreadsheet in Excel

Peek behind the spreadsheet and learn Microsoft Excel the right way. Because so many adult learners are self-taught, there are often basic skills that we fail to pick up. This class assumes you have opened the program but aren’t secure that you know all the basics.   Keyboard Shortcuts Creating …Read the full article

Overview of Accessible Documents

Primarily a presentation meant to explain what accessibility is, what the rules are, and how the parts play together. Useful for newcomers and managers who need to understand what their staff are up against when making documents accessible. Accessibility in a Nutshell Who is Accessibility For? Accessibility Checkers File Formats …Read the full article

The Data Model and DAX Formulas

Microsoft has created a special language to write formulas and measures for PivotTable and Power PivotTable data called DAX. Though remarkably similar to regular Excel formulas, these new functions include filtering in the function and bridging the gap between database languages like SQL and traditional Excel. If you are a …Read the full article