Intermediate classes tackle some of the daily chores that we have to perform, with a focus on working smarter, not harder. You’ll learn how to prepare documents “the right way,” and you’ll practice the skills you need to take the more advanced classes.

Data Design and PivotTables

Many users assume that Microsoft Excel information is already in a Table. It has lines and rows and columns – oh my! Truthfully, the core power of Excel only comes out when you convert that information into Tables and PivotTables. It’s so easy to filter and sort your information that …Read the full article

Accessible PDFs and Forms

Picking up where the first class left off, Accessible PDFs and Forms dives straight into documents supplied by real world users. Attendees will tackle remediating troublesome scanned documents, creating accessible fill-in-the-blank PDFs, and working with document packages that have some of the most troublesome accessibility challenges built into them. Most …Read the full article

Visual Communication in Word

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why are you writing so much? New tools in Microsoft Word make it easier than ever to support your conclusions with thought-provoking images, clear charts, definitive tables and even video! Take your document to the future with these skills.  Adding Clip Art …Read the full article

The WOW! Factor in PowerPoint

Our second PowerPoint class starts with using images in your slideshow and includes professional graphic design techniques to be certain your images support your presentation, not distract from it. In addition to photographs and clipart, this course covers animations and transitions as well as sound and video. All of the …Read the full article

Visual Communication in Excel

Collecting data and storing it is just one part of the Microsoft Excel toolkit. In fact, all those columns of numbers wouldn’t be worth much if we couldn’t communicate them to other people. This class will explore the impressive array of tools built in to the program that will help …Read the full article

Formulas and Functions in Excel

Formulas and Functions are the meat and potatoes of Microsoft Excel. They are the tools that give the program power to achieve our goals. We’ll review the basics of Formulas and Functions in this class before diving headlong into more advanced Functions. This class also takes a look at special …Read the full article

Reports in Access

Reports give you the ability to aggregate the data you are interested in and print it out in creative and professional looking documents. You will start with form letters, but quickly move to adding charts and graphs based on your data. You will also learn the tips and tricks to …Read the full article

Forms in Access

Access 2016 uses a special object type called Forms to represent data visually on screen. Forms are a great method to add exciting front-end user functionality to boring databases and offer ways to protect your data from well-intentioned mistakes. Starting with simple forms and the Forms Wizard, you will quickly …Read the full article

Queries in Access

Understanding Queries in Access 2016 begins with learning how to ask simple questions about your data, like “how many?” and “which ones?” As you explore topics like relationships and referential integrity, however, you’ll learn how to select, update and delete records using queries. This class will also introduce you to …Read the full article