ADA 103: Simple Steps to Remove Barriers to Accessibility in Microsoft Office

The majority of the class will be spent working on repetitive content in Office documents. Did you know that one of the biggest barriers to comprehension may be the way you type the document??!! You’ll also get information about multi-media accessibility and learn about other barriers you may be creating unintentionally.

  • Three Parts of Video/Audio Accessibility
  • PowerPoint: Captions
  • How Sighted Users Deal with Repetitive Content
  • Headers and Footers in Office
  • Vertical Spacing: Page Breaks and Paragraph Spacing
  • Word: Find/Replace Repetitive Content
  • Word: Fill-in-the-Blank Lines and Forms
  • Word: Inline Fill-in-the-Blank Lines
  • Word: Tab Leader Fill-in-the-Blank Lines