Accessible Documents

Problem PDFs and Solutions

 All of the theory in the world cannot prepare you for some of the oddball problems that you will encounter making a PDF accessible. In this workshop you’ll discover how to deal with table column headers that span multiple columns, tagging issues that are disguised as alternate text issues, missing …Read the full article

Accessible PDFs and Forms

Picking up where the first class left off, Accessible PDFs and Forms dives straight into documents supplied by real world users. Attendees will tackle remediating troublesome scanned documents, creating accessible fill-in-the-blank PDFs, and working with document packages that have some of the most troublesome accessibility challenges built into them. Most …Read the full article

Creating Accessible Documents

Beginning with the simple explanation of what accessibility means and why it is important, attendees learn to build accessible documents using Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Common stumbling blocks like alt text, repetitive blank characters and document structure will be addressed, and simple PDF documents will be …Read the full article

Fillable Forms, Org Charts and Links

Tackling the “hard” topics of accessibility, this final class will put any employee over the goal line when it comes to creating accessible documents. No stone is left un-turned in problem solving involved documents. Form Prep Tools Fillable Forms and Screen Readers Creating Fillable PDFs Working with Links Converting Organization …Read the full article

In-Depth Look at Complex Tables

Tables are one of the most challenging aspects of making complex PDFs accessible to all audiences. This class will look in-depth at the methods of converting table heavy documents into easily accessible formats. Working with Tables in PDFs Simple Table Errors and How to Fix Complex Table Errors and How …Read the full article

Tables and Scanned Documents

Adding Tables and Structure an accessible Microsoft Word document using Office 365; plus reviewing the methods of creating a PDF from the Word document. This is part two of a two-part class on creating accessible Word documents. Table Formatting & Usage Table Content & Structure Moving to PDF Tools for …Read the full article

Simple Accessible Documents

Introduction to how to create an accessible Microsoft Word document using Office 365. This is part one of a two-part class on creating accessible Word documents. Document Properties Alt Text for Objects Null Alt Text What kinds of objects are repetitive? Content

Overview of Accessible Documents

Primarily a presentation meant to explain what accessibility is, what the rules are, and how the parts play together. Useful for newcomers and managers who need to understand what their staff are up against when making documents accessible. Accessibility in a Nutshell Who is Accessibility For? Accessibility Checkers File Formats …Read the full article