ADA 102: Accessible Tables and Document Structure in Microsoft Office

Everyone depends on the ability to skim through a document and find information quickly, no matter their need to use assistive technology. Learn the basics of tables and heding structure in Office, and simultaneously save yourself work in the PDF standard.

  • Tables and Assistive Technology
  • Data Tables vs Layout Tables
  • Irregular Tables and Remediation
  • Word Table Requirements
  • Excel Table Requirements
  • PowerPoint Table Requirements
  • The Importance of Document Structure
  • Word: Using Styles to Create Structure
  • Word: Style Techniques in Word
  • Word: Incorrect Use of Headings in Word
  • Word: Incorrect Use of Paragraph Returns
  • Word: Advanced Style Techniques
  • Word: Inline Heading Styles & the Style Separator
  • Excel: Document Structure
  • PowerPoint: Document Structure