Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat astonished the world when it first came out with the ability to share electronically printed documents on the internet. End-users could now see everything just the way you intended, and we can use it to collect responses to fill-in-the-blank forms. With the awakening of the need for accessibility in all of our published documents, Adobe Acrobat DC has become the gold standard against which documents are judged.

Special Use Cases for PDFs

Almost the first question out of everyone’s mouth during accessibility is “but what about…?” and this session will answer those questions. You’ll learn how to work with special requirements of legal documents and how to deal with multi-lingual documents.

Making PDFs Accessible

Accessible PDFs can be very simple to create, as you’ll learn in this session. The class will review the basics of accessible PDFs and remediate a document on letterhead. Assuming you have started with an accessible Microsoft Office document which you learned about in previous classes, you will also get Read more…

Document Clarity and Legibility in Microsoft Office

Round out your understanding of creating accessible documents with the tools and techniques to be certain any reader can access your content. This class will also introduce the special information you need to know to create accessible Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Accessible Tables and Document Structure in Microsoft Office

Everyone depends on the ability to skim through a document and find information quickly, no matter their need to use assistive technology. Learn the basics of tables and heding structure in Office, and simultaneously save yourself work in the PDF standard.

Get Started Making Documents Accessible in Microsoft Office

Learn what everyone is talking about when they mention accessible documents, and how you can start making your documents accessible as soon as today! You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like for one person to use assistive technology and understand how crucial the work you do for accessibility is to people Read more…