ADA 105: Making PDFs Accessible

Accessible PDFs can be very simple to create, as you’ll learn in this session. The class will review the basics of accessible PDFs and remediate a document on letterhead. Assuming you have started with an accessible Microsoft Office document which you learned about in previous classes, you will also get an introduction to the Tags Panel and the Content Panel, as well as the Acrobat Accessibility Checker.

  • Accessibility Overview
  • Setting Up the Adobe Acrobat Pro Workspace
  • Workflows for Remediating PDFs
  • Preliminary Checks in Acrobat Pro
  • Step 01. File Name Must Be Clear
  • Step 02: Run a Preliminary Accessibility Check
  • Step 03: Check the Document Title
  • Repetitive Content in Acrobat Pro
  • Remediate a Document on Letterhead
  • Tags Tree and Content Panel
  • Step 12: Remediate Tags Panel and Reading Order
  • Step 13: Save/Attach Accessibility Report to Document