Advanced classes tackle those real head-scratchers. If you’ve ever asked. yourself “how the heck did they make that happen?” then you might be ready for an advanced class. The topics are all presented in bite-size chunks, but it is assumed you are fluent in the basic aspects of the software before the class begins.

Problem PDFs and Solutions

 All of the theory in the world cannot prepare you for some of the oddball problems that you will encounter making a PDF accessible. In this workshop you’ll discover how to deal with table column headers that span multiple columns, tagging issues that are disguised as alternate text issues, missing …Read the full article

Advanced Word

One of the reasons Microsoft Word is so powerful is that it can do so many different things, many of them unique to certain professions. Not everyone needs to know these skills, but when you do, you want to make sure you’ve got the basics down. This class is for …Read the full article

Professional Documents in Word

This class has one thing that all document need: the big picture. Learn the difference between content and structure, and how they both play an important part in your document creation. Learn the power of the Outline view and experience how easy it is to create advanced features like Tables …Read the full article

Macros in Excel

Long thought to be the province of supergeeks, macros will come alive in this exciting class. You will learn how to record macros, be introduced to the Visual Basic programming language, and write simple code statements The Developer tab on the Ribbon Recording Macros Playing back Macros with Keystrokes Adding …Read the full article

Data Analysis in Excel

Now that you’ve got all of that information, what are you going to do with it? Senior managers and entry-level personnel all benefit from taking this class, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Pivot Tables and Charts, as well as how to import data from databases.  Creating Pivot …Read the full article

Modules and Macros in Access

Every good database designer needs a tool belt with lots of tricks, and Macros are the 5-star tool you need to automate repetitive tasks. You will be introduced to writing Macros using the Visual Basic Editor and learn how to use Temporary variables and constants, as well as how to …Read the full article

Fillable Forms, Org Charts and Links

Tackling the “hard” topics of accessibility, this final class will put any employee over the goal line when it comes to creating accessible documents. No stone is left un-turned in problem solving involved documents. Form Prep Tools Fillable Forms and Screen Readers Creating Fillable PDFs Working with Links Converting Organization …Read the full article

In-Depth Look at Complex Tables

Tables are one of the most challenging aspects of making complex PDFs accessible to all audiences. This class will look in-depth at the methods of converting table heavy documents into easily accessible formats. Working with Tables in PDFs Simple Table Errors and How to Fix Complex Table Errors and How …Read the full article

Navigation and References

Often the last thing people think of, a professional table of contents and other references are the lifeline that busy readers depend on to navigate your document. If you’ve ever stayed up late going back over a document to build a table of contents or an index, you’ll be glad …Read the full article