ADA 101: Get Started Making Documents Accessible in Microsoft Office

Learn what everyone is talking about when they mention accessible documents, and how you can start making your documents accessible as soon as today! You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like for one person to use assistive technology and understand how crucial the work you do for accessibility is to people with disabilities. Get Microsoft Office setup for Accessibility and implement the first four rules of accessibility.

  • Golden Rule
  • Who Needs Accessible Documents
  • Start with Checker, not Finish
  • Understanding Your Role
  • Using Assistive Technology
  • Review of Job Aids
  • Navigation Pane
  • Ruler
  • Styles Panel
  • Show/Hide Invisibles
  • Building a File Name for Accessibility
  • Accessibility Check in Word
  • Document Information in Office
  • What is Alt Text?
  • What should you use for Alt Text?
  • Adding Alt Text
  • Alt Text for Charts
  • Alt Text for Tables