Fundamental classes are designed to get you up and running as fast as possible. Written by a real-world users, there is no time wasted on theory and you quickly learn the skills you need to start using the software.

Creating Accessible Documents

Beginning with the simple explanation of what accessibility means and why it is important, attendees learn to build accessible documents using Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Common stumbling blocks like alt text, repetitive blank characters and document structure will be addressed, and simple PDF documents will be …Read the full article

Formatting Documents in Word

Controlling how a document flows is crucial to its validity. Look like an amateur did it, and people will treat the information as amateurish. The power combo of Themes, Style Sets and Styles Sheets will catapult your document into the next dimension.  Headers & Footers Page Margins and Paper Sizes …Read the full article

From the Ground Up! in Word

Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular word processing program, and this class will get you started on the path to becoming a power user. Learn secrets in this introductory class that professionals use to make the program jump. We’ll start at the beginning and give you a thorough grounding …Read the full article

Beyond Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook subdivides its functions into Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Journal. Many attendees are unaware of how simple the program makes it to juggle a hectic schedule, assign work and keep up with what people are doing.  Organizing the Calendar Working with other People’s Calendars Scheduling Meetings To-Dos and …Read the full article

Electronic Notebooks in OneNote

Offices are swiftly moving to the electronic notebook, as a replacement for hand written legal pads and post-it notes. The ability to collect your thoughts on one device, review them on another, and then share them with colleagues is invaluable. Building Notebooks Juggling Multiple Notebooks Sharing features of OneNote Content …Read the full article

Behind the Spreadsheet in Excel

Peek behind the spreadsheet and learn Microsoft Excel the right way. Because so many adult learners are self-taught, there are often basic skills that we fail to pick up. This class assumes you have opened the program but aren’t secure that you know all the basics.   Keyboard Shortcuts Creating …Read the full article

Data and Tables in Access

Get started with Access 2016 by learning the fundamentals of database features. This class will explore how to use Access efficiently and introduce you to the concepts of good Relational Database design. It’s a maxim that all data is stored in Tables in Access, but not all Tables are equal. …Read the full article