Microsoft PowerPoint

If you’ve ever suffered “Death by PowerPoint” then you know how critical good presentation skills are to getting your point across. Don’t wait until you hear people snoring to get your skillset honed to the finest point.

Creating Accessible Documents

Beginning with the simple explanation of what accessibility means and why it is important, attendees learn to build accessible documents using Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Common stumbling blocks like alt text, repetitive blank characters and document structure will be addressed, and simple PDF documents will be …Read the full article

The WOW! Factor in PowerPoint

Our second PowerPoint class starts with using images in your slideshow and includes professional graphic design techniques to be certain your images support your presentation, not distract from it. In addition to photographs and clipart, this course covers animations and transitions as well as sound and video. All of the …Read the full article

Overview of Accessible Documents

Primarily a presentation meant to explain what accessibility is, what the rules are, and how the parts play together. Useful for newcomers and managers who need to understand what their staff are up against when making documents accessible. Accessibility in a Nutshell Who is Accessibility For? Accessibility Checkers File Formats …Read the full article

Professional PowerPoint Skills

We all judge ourselves against our peers, and there’s nothing worse than having to follow a polished presentation when you’re not certain about your own skills. These ten steps will help you stand out from the crowd and become the presenter that everyone else looks up to. Avoiding Death by …Read the full article

Accessible Document Basics

Get to know how people with disabilities access your documents and learn about the barriers we unconsciously put in their way. This introductory session will explain a lot of the concepts you’ll hear talked about and help you be certain your information is accurately conveyed to all readers.