ADA 105: Tables in PDF

Tables can be some of the most complex problems to solve in an accessible document. When done correctly they make it very easy for all readers to understand complex information. But when created with only a sighted audience in mind they can be a major barrier to comprehension. Learn what not to do and how to fix problems with Tables in your accessible documents.

  1. How Tables are Read by Technology – What you see is not what you get
  2. Creating Accessible Tables in Office before making a PDF
  3. Is it really a Table? Data Tables vs. Layout Tables
  4. Four Tags for a Table in PDF
  5. Checking a Table for Regularity
  6. Converting Irregular Tables to Regular Tables
  7. Editing Table Summary
  8. Using Table Editor on Regular Tables
  9. Creating Tables from Scratch in PDF
  10. Converting Incorrectly Tagged Tables to Regular Content