ADA 104: Document Structure in Office and Acrobat

Most everyone has had the experience of groping around in a dark room trying to find the light-switch. People who use Assistive Technology (AT) to read our documents have that same experience if we don’t use the tools at our disposal to create a clear structure. Just like you might use a Table of Contents, an Index, or simple Page Numbers to find information, people using AT depend on your document structure to find the information they need.

  1. Heading Hierarchy Isn’t What You Think It is
  2. The Rules of Document Structure
  3. Intro to Heading Styles
  4. Everything Else is a Paragraph?
  5. Using Outline View to Assign Heading Styles in Word
  6. Inline Heading Styles and the Style Separator in Word
  7. Document Structure in Excel
  8. Document Structure in PowerPoint
  9. Adding Heading Tags in Acrobat
  10. Document Information in Acrobat